Attendance Policy

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Regular attendance is required by law. Galion Middle School wishes to know at all times the whereabouts of the students. When your child is going to be absent due to illness, an appointment, or vacation, please notify the school at the following number: 468-3134 before the missed days. In case of injury or illness occurring, please call the day of the absence.  If a phone call is impossible, be sure to have your child bring in a written excuse the day of his or her return. If phone contact is made a written excuse is not required. A student must be present at least 3.5 hours of the school day in order to participate in any extra-curricular or co curricular activity scheduled for that day. This includes practices,games, performances, etc. in athletic, music, club, or field trip activities.

If the student is absent for illness or reasons other than those covered above, he/she may NOT participate in school activities that day. Absences on Friday will have no bearing on participation in Saturday or Sunday school sponsored programs or activities.Parental excuses for absence due to illness will be accepted up to 10 days for the school year. After 10 days of absence a medical excuse will be required. Absences after 10 days without a medical excuse will be considered unexcused. A truancy complaint will be filed with Crawford County Juvenile Court based on the following guidelines:

Habitual Truant(unruly child)= 5 consecutive unexcused absences, or 7 unexcused in a month or 12 unexcused for the year.

Habitual Truant(delinquent child)= previously adjudicated Habitual Truant.

Chronic Truant(delinquent child) = 7 consecutive unexcused absences, or 10 unexcused in a month or 15 unexcused in a year.

Parents are required to call school or send in a written reason for absence for all school absences. 12 These attendance regulations are the requirements established by Senate Bill 181. Regular attendance is necessary also for teachers to give a student the best possible instruction. Even though a student may make up the actual class work missed because of absences, he/she may never be able to replace the social,educational or cultural contacts that are received only through actual classroom instruction and participation.

A. The term “EXCUSED” will refer to any absence from class based on the following:

1. Personal illness;
2. Illness in the family;
3. Death of a relative;
4. An emergency or set of circumstances which, in the judgement of the attendance office, constitutes a good cause for absence.

Realize that absences in excess of 10 days will require a medical excuse. Any other type of absence will not be excused. All requests to leave the building while school is in session, including the lunch period, must be cleared through the principal’s office. Leaving school without permission is classified as truancy.

B. Truancy is unauthorized absence.

C. Students who are tardy to class will be assigned detention.

Tardiness, unless a staff member detains a student, is defined as any arrival of a student beyond the scheduled time that a class begins. Teachers who detain a student from reporting to class on time will give the student a pass to enter his/her next class. Teachers will honor other staff members’ passes.

D. Students who are tardy to school are required to verify with the attendance office, by parental/guardian written note or contact by phone as to the nature of the tardiness.

Oversleeping is the most common cause of tardiness and is NOT an excused tardy. Beginning with the fourth unexcused tardy, detention will be given for every unexcused tardy to school. After this, every fourth detention will be a Friday School. Detentions can also be given for failure to bring written excuse.

E. Students who find it necessary to leave the building because of illness or some other emergency, should first report to the principal’s office and sign out.

 Students must sign out to leave and sign in upon their return. Students who leave at noon and do not expect to return in the afternoon must also report to the principal’s office for permission to leave school. Parental authorizations will be required. A principal or secretary must give approval before a
student is to sign out.

F. Students who have been absent the previous day should report to the guidance/attendance office with a note from their parents as to the reason for such absence.

Students arriving to school after attendance is taken must first sign in at the principal’s office and then at the counselor’s/attendance office.

G. Students must bring hunting license to school before the day of hunting.

When a student is absent from school to accompany parents on vacation trips during the school year:

1. The principal should be notified by the student's parents in advance of the absence.
Teachers have the OPTION to give the student a statement of the assignments to be
covered during the anticipated period of absence.

2. Vacation forms should be picked up at the guidance/attendance office, filled out and returned.

3. The student shall be responsible for such tests or other written work as the teacher may require covering these assignments. Tests are to be administered within a reasonable time of the student’s return, preferably within one week.

4. The teacher is not required to tutor the student in advance of the absence or after his return.

The administration may waive this requirement if the student is absent for any of the following reasons:
a. medical excuse (signed by an M.D., O.D.,Dentist, Optometrist, etc.)
b. a death in the family
c. family vacation (this requires prior approvalfrom the counselor/attendance office)
d. extenuating or emergency circumstances

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